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Interested in Home Birth?


Prospective Client Orientation Meetings

To make it easier for interested families to learn more about Birth & Beyond, we hold Prospective Client Orientations twice per month. At these meetings, the midwives cover important information as well as frequently asked questions. These meetings are valuable for learning more about our practice, and are required if you plan to have a home birth with us. You and your partner should both attend.

Typically, the meetings are the third Wednesday evening of the month at 6:30 PM, and the first Wednesday of the month at 9:00 AM, in our Madison office (subject to change).

While we welcome children during your individual visits and love to involve them in your care, we kindly ask that you make arrangements for them during the group meeting, as space is limited.

Please call the office at (203) 318-8884 if you would like to attend an orientation meeting, and we will happily put you on the schedule.

Due to COVID-19, orientation meetings are currently being held via video conference. If you’re looking for more information about transferring your care or beginning care with Birth & Beyond, click here.