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Our Services


Maternity Care: 

•  Home birth care
•  Comprehensive prenatal care
•  Two evening group meetings at 28 weeks and 35 weeks of pregnancy
•  Routine lab specimens collected in office
•  Referrals for ultrasound as needed
•  Water birth option and birth tub rental
•  Sibling preparation
• Postpartum home visits
•  Lactation support
•  Assistance with filing birth certificate forms
•  Lending library in the office


Newborn Care: 

•  Infant care at home in the first two weeks after birth
•  Newborn physical exam
•  Cystic fibrosis screening, metabolic testing, and hearing exam
•  Breastfeeding support for concerns such as painful nursing and slow weight gain
•  Records transferred to the pediatric provider of your choice


Gynecological Care: 

•  Well-woman care in adolescent and childbearing years
•  Well-woman care in menopause and post-menopause
•  Fertility and preconception counseling
•  Intrauterine insemination (IUI) in office
• Hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptive options
•  Counseling in natural family planning/fertility awareness
•  Prescription birth control, diaphragm fittings, and IUD insertion
•  Pessary fittings for urinary incontinence and prolapse
•  Holistic treatment of common conditions such as yeast infections, urinary infections, and hormonal imbalances
•  Referrals for imaging such as mammograms and ultrasounds
•  Care for transgender individuals
•  Both alternative and medical philosophies embraced