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Birth Stories

A Baby Story: Baby Sheehan

The birth of baby Sheehan attended by Birth & Beyond was the subject of a documentary in TLC’s series “A Baby Story.”


“I’m so thankful for the midwives at Birth & Beyond and the way they blend cautious, medical wisdom and safety with compassionate, family-centered, evidence-based care. I was all set to have my homebirth… the tub was rented, the supplies were organized, and the birth plan was written. And then… my water broke at 36 weeks, and I was devastated. Since it was a slow leak, we went to the office to make sure, where Vicki confirmed it with the utmost compassion. She understood how disappointed I was and gave me the freedom to have a good cry about it while gently reminding me that our health & safety was most important. She also reminded me about informed consent & refusal if there was anything at the hospital that I wasn’t comfortable with, and told me that I could also bring my tub to labor in if there was a room available. I left still disappointed, but so much more at ease & ready to meet my baby!

lizzie with mom in hosp #2Since my contractions started at the office, we made our way to Middlesex Hospital and met Lizzie there. She immediately put me at ease. After some initial monitoring and the only vaginal exam I would end up having, I labored in my own clothes and moved around as freely as I wanted to. She watched me move through labor quickly but steadily. I said when it was time to push, I moved into the position I wanted, and I pushed spontaneously. When our little girl was born, Lizzie held off the nursing team for a few moments (which felt like glorious hours) to give my husband and I a chance to peacefully bond uninterrupted with our baby. There was no rush to cut the cord or deliver the placenta, and my older daughter helped my husband cut the cord. We had immediate skin to skin & nursed shortly thereafter.

Even though things didn’t go according to my plan, Lizzie did everything she could to give me as much of the elements of a home birth that I was looking for. Even though I wasn’t able to birth my daughter at home, I still had an awesome birth experience thanks to Birth & Beyond!”

Bridget in Windsor

“I did not come to homebirth the ‘normal’ way.  Homebirth was never on my radar, but after an unnecessary-intervention-friendly hospital birth with my first child, I knew my second baby and I needed better.  From prenatal care to delivery and postpartum visits, my family’s and my experience with Birth and Beyond was extraordinary.  I got to know the midwives during my prenatal appointments. They were the perfect combination of laid-back yet professional.  My appointments were never rushed, and I was always made to feel welcome and important.

The homebirth of my daughter was by far the most amazing experience of my life.  With the help of the wonderful midwives at home I felt safe, calm, and happy. I admit towards the end of my labor I was scared and doubting myself, but our midwives supported me both physically and mentally, and with their help my perfect daughter came into this world. She was born in our living room, and I held her the second she came out of me and sang to her my favorite hymn. She arrived in the world embraced by love (something I wish my son had experienced).

As anxious as I was for her arrival, I have wished many times that I could go back and relive her birth.  It was everything everyone who has ever had a homebirth said it to be–empowering, amazing, and taught me to trust myself.  My daughter’s homebirth made me stronger, and I never would have been able to feel this or experience this without the Birth and Beyond Midwives. They are some of the most wonderful, knowledgeable, and giving women I have ever met.”

Lucy’s Birth Video

Photographed by Mellissa Demille of Smilebaby Photography

Keith in Mystic

“After 40-something weeks, the baby finally decided it was time to come out of his warm little incubation chamber. On Saturday March 22nd, in the comfort of our own home, assisted by the excellent midwives of Birth and Beyond, we were joined by our son.

It is quite a unique experience having a birth in your home. First of all, it’s sort of like a family gathering – you really get a sense for just how small your living room can be. Especially when there’s a 100 gallon tub of water, two midwives, one helper, a mother-in-law, a sister-in-law, yourself, and a pregnant woman all in the room at the same time. Not to mention all the birthing equipment.

All in all it was an amazing experience, really close and personal and intimate, despite all the people there. Everyone there was completely in tune with the needs my wife as she labored to deliver the baby. It was quick and easy, and drug and intervention free. Natural birth, the way it was meant to be.

Midwives, as you might expect, are a bit on the crunchy side. What I mean by this is that they favor the natural things. They might be vegetarians. Or wear Birkenstocks. Or they might have had dreadlocks in college, even though they are white. They could like Patchouli oil.

Actually, they’re actually just normal seeming people. They take their trade quite seriously.”