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Insurance Coverage & Payment Options

Birth & Beyond is enrolled with most insurance companies, including:
• Anthem and other Blue Cross/Blue Shield programs
• Oxford
• Connecticare
• Community Health Network, Husky and other Medicaid plans
• Cigna
• United Healthcare
• Tricare
• Aetna

Many of these plans cover home birth, however different plans within a company can offer different coverage. Please call our office 203-318-8884 or contact our billing service, Larsen Billing Service and use the PIN # 08282 for further information. We offer payment plans and a pre-payment discount for patients who have no insurance coverage or whose care is not covered by their insurance.

Well-woman care, including annual exams, Pap testing, breast exams, preconception counseling, and family planning counseling is usually covered as a routine benefit.

Coverage for IUDs and intrauterine inseminations varies from plan to plan within the same insurer. Please call the office if you need assistance determining your coverage for a particular service.

In most cases these insurance programs fully cover the professional fees for our maternity care. Our inclusive approach generally includes the following:
• Prenatal care consisting of office visits every four weeks up to seven months, every two weeks up to nine months, and weekly to term.
• Labor and birth care for the normal healthy woman at term.
• Postpartum home/hospital visits with maternity care ending at the six-week office visit.
• Newborn care at home, including physical and screening exams during two-week neonatal period. This care also includes basic breastfeeding support. More comprehensive lactation support is also available for nursing couplets having difficulties. All our midwives have received additional breastfeeding training to assist with challenges such as poor weight gain and painful nursing.
• Accompaniment to hospital, labor support, consultation with physician, and advocacy in the event of a transfer from home.