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Hospital Care

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Q: What about hospital care?

A: The decision of where to give birth is dependent on many factors. Many families are happy to find home birth caregivers and plan to give birth at home. Other families prefer access to the services provided by the hospital and gain additional comfort knowing our philosophy of care decreases the likelihood of interventions. The Birth & Beyond midwives attend planned home births. However, some of our clients develop conditions during pregnancy or labor that make hospital birth a better option. In this case we will work with you to develop a plan of care tailored to your specific needs.
Each office visit provides the opportunity to evaluate the progress of the pregnancy and provide guidance to optimize health. Occasionally a healthy woman will develop a complication which requires a shift from a planned home birth to a hospital birth. We work hard to facilitate the process, recognizing the stress of such a change in plans. Our consulting physician is available to consult for medical concerns when they arise.
If a serious medical condition develops requiring on-going care by our medical consultants, we coordinate the transfer of care and remain involved as a resource for information and on-going support through the birth and post-partum period.
Urgent situations develop rarely in the course of a planned home birth. In this event, the midwives initiate emergency transport to the closest medical facility through use of EMS services. Our goal is to keep the mother and baby stable, facilitate care and communication and provide on-going support through the process. All Birth & Beyond caregivers are BLS and NALS certified.